BOXED IN is an experiential social media event: a 24-hour “live” stream from an abandoned cell at Eastern State Penitentiary, the birthplace of solitary confinement in the United States. No humans are in the stream- -just a camera pointed at a wall.

Every hour, a new quote from a solitary survivor is “etched” into the wall, illustrating the harsh reality of life for those in solitary and the long term, harmful effects solitary has on individuals. Survivors of solitary and other solitary experts will also be on the livestream chat at various times throughout the stream.

To transition between the hours, there will be audio recordings of letters from solitary confinement. While sounds, testimonials, and stories are interwoven, the feeds don’t leave the cell for 24 hours giving viewers a feeling of intense discomfort and claustrophobia.

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Co-writer and producer


Nafeesah Goldsmith is a playwright, poet, and activist who draws on her experiences as a survivor of solitary and mass incarceration to advocate for change.

Associate Producer and Consultant

Dr. Craig Waleed

From Disability Rights NC, Dr. Waleed is an educator, counselor, certified Restorative Practices group facilitator, author, and motivational speaker. He is dedicated to disrupting the community-to-prison pipeline. He is also a solitary survivor who helped produce this event.

Associate Producer and Consultant

Natasha White

Known as Serial Solitary Slayer Natash White of the Solitary No More VA and Torture Free MD campaigns. Natasha is an advocate and grassroots organizer and also a survivor of solitary confinement.

Co-writer and producer


Jane Bloom is a two-time Emmy-award winning producer who specializes in creating pop-media with social impact roots. In 2019, she co-founded The Oz Effect with creative partner Alexandra Bennett Cannady.



Alexandra is a veteran production and development executive with success tenures at Discovery, Disney, and Nickelodeon. In 2019, she co-founded The Oz Effect with creative partner Jane Bloom.



Meagan Adele Lopez specializes in telling stories that intersect technology, creativity and communications. Her work has appeared or been written about in the BBC, The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, The Next Web, Elite Daily, among others. In 2019 she founded Lady Who Productions.

Director and Editor


Jason Helton is a Baltimore-based documentary director, writer, producer, and award-winning editor with a career spanning radio, print, and film. His upcoming documentary, Let There Be Light, which chronicles the invention of the game of laser tag, is currently in post-production.



Ben Anthony is a filmmaker and self taught animator from the northern shores of Michigan. I am passionate about all things art, cinema, poetry and nature.

Director of Impact


John-Paul Pierrot is Head of Digital Marketing and Partners at Together Films. He works with with film festivals worldwide and on impact film campaigns focused urgent global issues including human rights and climate justice.

Director of Engagement


Charlotte Wibrew has worked in the Digital Marketing industry for 5 years mainly in Social Media Marketing. She’s adept at harnessing the power of content and engaging with audience sectors in their own language.

End Solitary Confinement Act

In July of 2023, Missouri Congressperson Cori Bush introduced the End Solitary Confinement Act, which would end the use of solitary at the federal level.

Hold President Biden to his Word

While running for President in 2020, President Biden condemned solitary confinement and made a promise to abolish it. Use this one-click email him to his word.

Join the Movement to end solitary

Unlock the Box is the national campaign against solitary confinement in the US. Visit the site to learn more about solitary and sign-up to to make a difference.