In this hour, the words “It Never Ends” morph into “It Ends Now”, an homage to the growing anti-solitary movement and a rally cry for all those dedicated to making the world a better, safer, and more humane place.

We drew this quote from the words Nelson Mandela famously used to describe solitary confinement.  He said it was, “the most forbidding aspect of prison life. There was no end and no beginning; there’s only one’s own mind, which can begin to play tricks…”

Nelson Mandela, the iconic anti-apartheid revolutionary and former President of South Africa, is celebrated not only for his tireless struggle against injustice but also for his ability to articulate the profound challenges faced by those who endured oppression

In this quote, Mandela vividly describes the psychological torment of solitary confinement, where the absence of external stimuli and human interaction can distort one’s perception of time and reality. “There was no end and no beginning” powerfully conveys the never-ending cycle of despair that prisoners faced in such conditions, as well as the disorienting effect on their own minds.

Fast forward to the present day, and the fight against solitary confinement has gained momentum across the US. Advocates, human rights organizations, and concerned citizens have joined forces to challenge the practice of subjecting individuals to long periods of isolation, which has been widely criticized for its detrimental effects on mental and physical well-being.

In an effort to amplify the message of change and resilience, we’re including Mandela’s quote to embody the spirit of the growing anti-solitary movement, which is working tirelessly to put an end to the cruelty of solitary confinement and to ensure that the rights and dignity of all individuals are upheld, even in the most challenging circumstances.

The use of this quote serves as a reminder that change is possible and that collective action can bring about transformative results. As we draw inspiration from Nelson Mandela’s legacy, we must also recognize our responsibility to continue his fight for justice and human rights. It is through our dedication and determination that we can turn the haunting existence  of solitary confinement into a resounding declaration: “It Ends Now.”