Why did a film crew stay over night at America’s most haunted prisons?


This Friday the 13th horror is real…

Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, PA is known as one of the most haunted places in the United States.  But it’s true connection to horror is as the birthplace of solitary confinement- -a practice condemned by international law as torture. 

BOXED IN is an experiential social media event: a 24-hour stream from an abandoned  cell at Eastern State Penitentiary.  No humans are in the stream- -just a camera pointed at a wall. The stream will take over the feeds of social media influencers, advocacy organizations, and celebrities.

Every hour, a new quote from a solitary survivor is “etched” into the wall. Each quote illustrates the harsh reality of life for those in solitary and the long term, harmful effects solitary has on individuals. 

The event is aimed at deepening the discussion around solitary confinement, its role in upholding mass incarceration, and exploring evidence-based alternatives. 

BOXED IN leans into the shared cultural interest in horror of the Halloween season, giving new audiences a better understanding of the truths – and horrors – of our carceral systems- -straight from the mouths of those have lived experience.